November 18, 2014

Home inspiration: Gold office Decoration

One decor trend that I have seen popping up a lot lately, is incorporating gold in your office design.
Gold accents give your room a feminine, classic and yet playful look. I will show you several ways in which you can incorporate gold into your office:

1. On your wall
The polkadots as seen on the right photo can be bought at:

 2.  Bookshelves
For an easy and inexpensive DIY, try spray painting your current bookshelves gold, in stead of trying to find these white and gold ones.

3. As small desk accesorries
Add cute picture frames, pillows, or desk accessories to incorporate gold into your interior without having to change your furniture or wall color

You can find gold accessories at several different stores, especially now in the christmas season.
I have seen some adorable office accessories in Target, TJ Maxx, H&M and my new favorite, If you have a larger budget, definitely take a look on the Kate Spade website, where you can find a whole range of gold accessories.

So what is your opinion on this new trend? I am already secretly dreaming of my own apartment with an office where I can use gold in my color scheme.


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