October 22, 2014

Sephora friends and family sale

Currently the friends and family sale of the Sephora is running, giving you 20% of your purchase until the 29th of October. To get this discount however, you need a unique code that only Sephora employees can give you. So if you are one of the lucky people in the world who work or know someone who works at this make-up heaven then shop till you drop since discounts at Sephora are rare. For those among us who don't know anyone at Sephora you could always ask employees if you can have a code. Unfortunately there is no Sephora near me so no discount for me this year.

Sephora has a 20% off sale for VIB's as well from november 7th until november 11th. However you only receive a discount code as VIB. So VIB's run to the store.

Did you get a discount code? and what did you pick up?


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