April 5, 2014

5 ways to transform your whining girlfriend into a happy one!

It might come as a surprise to many of the men out there, but woman are not some creatures designed to purposely make your life miserable. In fact we can be nice to hang out with if you now how to make us feel good. Unfortunately men, we analyze everything you do and interpret it as good or bad signs that reflect the status of our relationship. If you give us the feeling that you are happy to be with us we will treat you in the best way possibly ( read: give you space and time to do whatever you want as long as it does not include women) but if you ignore us or give us mixed signals we will automatically think that something is wrong and will make your life a living hell (read: call, whine and demand a lot of your time). Here a some tips that will help you transform your girlfriend, wife or fiancé into a happy woman.

1) Text. With this I do not mean respond to every single question (which can be a lot of questions) with an answer that tries to break the record of shortest answer possible that counts. No I mean text at a moment when she has not send you a text. Sending her a nice text (yes even a question counts as a nice text for a girl) or just a simple :) can be enough to let her know that you actually do think about her. This will make her so happy that she will probably stop bothering you with useless questions for a while.

2) Be careful with what you promise.  Whatever you tell us you are going to do, like call later that day, we will remember. Needless to say we will get mad if you forget about it. If you continue your life by  not making promises, that you know you will not live up to it will save you many arguments and tears. P.S. we also remember things like we should go to that place one day and we are not afraid to tell you in an argument that you forget about it.

3) Treat us just as good (or better) as other people in your life. If you tell us that you are going away for the weekend with your buddies and we get mad, this is most likely because you do dedicate a whole weekend to your friends while you might not always want to dedicate a whole weekend to us. So if you want to go away for a weekend you might want to add that it would be nice to plan a date for a weekend on which you want to go on a small vacation with her. Trust me she will let you go now without any problems (but you make a promise so make sure you keep it!).

4) Bring chocolate when we are on our periods! Does this really need explanation?

5) Ask to see us before we can ask you when we are going to see you again. This gives us the idea that you actually want to spend time with us and that we do not have to initiate every contact.

If you follow these steps, your girlfriend will probably feel confident in the relationship and will be less clingy. So girls find a creative way to show this to your guys and hopefully he will make an effort ( but other than that no pressure guys! ).



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