February 18, 2014

Catrice Absolute Bright eyeshadow palette

Catrice expanded their collection and added a new eyeshadow palette with bright colors.
The packaging is the same as the absolute nude palette.

Looking at the palette the first thing I notice is that the colors are not really bright, more pastels. The colors range from shimmery white to purple and brown. 

no sunlight


The pigmentation of the colors is a bit disappointing as you can see below. Often with light colors the pigmentation is not that good but for a bright palette I expected more. 

On the left I swatted the colors without eyeshadow base and on the left I added a white color underneath to increase the brightness. I like the palette because of the more uniqueness of the colors but the pigmentation is not what I had hoped. 

All in all I do use the palette because I like light colors and they are great for daytime looks.
The palette retails for 4.99 


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