January 7, 2014

Dear 2014

It is now officially 2014 (actually already for a week) and I am excited to see what 2014 has to offer. It better be good because 13 is my lucky number so I preferred 2013.

I think it is custom to start the new year with a blogpost about your new years resolutions in the blog world. If I would do that this blogpost would be very short I don't have any new years resolutions ( I know shame on me) but I think this actually might help me start the year more positive. If I have resolutions and I fail (which is often after like 3 days) I feel disappointed in myself now I can save myself the disappointment and start the year of happy. Instead I wanted to give you guys a very brief summary of 2013 and I think I might do these questions every year to see where life takes me:P.
So here we go:

Age: I turned 21
Times I have moved: 2
Times I have graduated: 1 (for my bachelor)
Countries I visited: Italy, Austria, Czech republic, USA, France, Turkey and the United kingdom.
I have also been in Belgium and Germany but that happens quite often when you live in the netherlands.
Favorite artist: Taylor Swift ( will probably never change!)
Favorite movie: Catching fire
Favorite book: The Host (although before the movie I thought it was extremely confusing and couldn't get past the first chapter)
Tv shows I watch: The vampire diaries, The originals, The carrie diaries, Game of thrones, Pretty little liars and Ravenswood (scares me to death but addicting).
Current living situation: in a house with 5 roommates in my university town.
Relationship status: in a relationship.
Time I laughed the most: on a weekend trip with my best friends.
Really stupid things I've done: burn myself with curling iron and being afraid it would not go away ( It did)
Times I (almost) fell down: 2
Favorite day of the year: graduation.
favorite parfum: Daisy eau so fresh Sunshine by Marc Jacobs.

Yes looking back at the list above 2013 was a good year. Hopefully the list will look just as good next year:)

did you do resolutions? If yes what are they?


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