September 20, 2013

Update where have I been :)

Hey everyone

I think it is about time for an update. I might not be the most regular blogger but it has been a while.
In July I finished my bachelor at University and I decided to do my master at another university. So in July I moved to another city. This has been one of the best decisions I have made in a while because even though I have only lived here for a short time it already feels like home.

After the move it was time to go to one of my favorite places in the world, ITALY. With one of my best friend I enjoyed the sun in the beautiful Venice, wrote letters to Juliet in Verona and shopped till we dropped in Milano. Obviously we also ate a lot of ice cream and pizza and I had a chance to practice my Italian some more (yes I speak Italian, only a little though and then I mean really just a little :P).

After I returned home I enjoyed the summer with my friends and family and we finally had nice weather in the Netherlands. Then it was time for my introduction at my new university and my first classes. So now I will hopefully have some more time so that I can start blogging again.

I hope you all had an amazing summer and enjoyed the best things in live, hanging out with friends and family, the sunshine, the beach, the pool, shopping, BBQ's, bonfires, flowy dresses, freshly painted toe nails, high wasted shorts, crop tops, heart shaped sunglasses, festivals, road trips, ice cream and all the other things that I forgot to mention. Goodbye summer you will be missed (a lot).


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