September 21, 2013

10 reasons why we should love the fall!

Today is the first day of fall. Some people might love the fall but for those people who would have liked to hold on to the summer days a little longer, I feel your pain. Hopefully this blog post will provide you with reasons to welcome the fall.

1. First of al new season means new clothes. The shops are filled with the fall collection, shop till you drop.

2. Now that the weather gets colder it is time for hot drinks again. Goodbye ice creams, hello coffee, tea and hot chocolate preferably with mini marshmallows.

3. Movie nights with friends. Spending time in the house is allowed again so get your group of friends together, rent a movie and get your favorite snacks. 

4. Walking outside in the fall must be one of prettiest things with al the colors.

5. School starts again and although we might want the summer vacation to last forever, it is nice to see our friends again and hang out with them for those miserable hours of the day. 

6. Halloween. Do I need to say more?

7. Candles. The fall scents are back in the stores and now we can get all cozy again in our lovely smelling room.

8. TV shows start again. Finally new episode of the Vampire diaries, the Carrie diaries and the new show the Originals starts.

9. Boots and comfy sweaters are so comfortable to wear.

10. It is almost Christmas already:)


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