March 19, 2013

Primark caviar nails

Walking in Primark this Embellish 3D manicure set caugtht my eye. It is the Primark version of the caviar nail trend. The price was only €3.50 so I decided to pick it up.

 The set contains a pearly/white nail polish, a nail polish bottle with the beads and a funnel.

The instructions were given on the side of the box. First you add the pearly nail polish, when it is still wet you sprinkle the beads over the nail polish. The beads will fall into the tray and at the end you can get them back in the bottle by using the funnel.

 This is the end result that I got.

I like the caviar nail trend but it is not very convenient, the beads fall of very quickly. This has happened to me with all the versions I tried so not just the Primark version. All in all I like this Primark set, it is a nice way to try out caviar nails without spending too much money on it.

If you would like to find an even cheaper solution for caviar nails check out the video below.

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