November 12, 2012

oh no! what to do when you have the flu?

It is almost mid November and although that can be nice ( all the new Christmas make up collections getting excited already?) it also means that the weather will become colder and that means the flu. I am not a doctor so unfortunately this blogpost does not offer you a quick cure but I will try to make your day a bit less icky.

If you are staying at home I would advise you not to wear any makeup. It is good for you skin to have a few make up free days and with sniffing your nose and teary eyes your make up won't last long anyway. If you have to go somewhere just wear a bb cream or tinted moisturizer to give a little coverage while not feeling to heavy on the skin and a waterproof mascara to make your eyes look more awake. Also bring a tinted lip balm with you to give your face some colour.

Now on to my flu essentials:

1) Tissues, self explanatory. These of Blond Amsterdam are really cute. You can buy them here.

2) Smoothies. Healthy, vitamins and tasty. 

3) Magazines. Reading study books is too much of an effort when you are sick so magazines are the perfect read. 

4) Movies. When I am not feeling well I always like to watch some movies. My favourite movies that I watch when I am not feeling well. 

Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone. It always makes me happy to see them  running down the stairs on Christmas morning. 

The holiday. Just one of the cutest movies ever.

5) Sleep. Good for your body and you can dream about ....
Hope this helps you and get well soon.

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