October 22, 2012

NYC Lipstains

Lipstains have become more and more popular over the last few years. The idea behind a lipstain is that the colour "sinks" into your lips giving them a color without feeling like you are actually wearing anything on your lips. When NYC came out with their lipstains I immediately picked up 3.

The lipstains look like big markers and have the colour of the product itself, which is very convenient in your stash because then you can immediately see the right colour. I picked up 490 Persistent Pink, 494 Smooch Proof and 498 Berry Long Time. There are 7 other colours available. Lipstains colours are very dark while colours lighter than your own lipcolour will not show up if the colour sinks into your lips.

The colour payoff is really good also on the lips. The only disadvantage about lipstains in general is that your lips will get very dry. This problem however can be solved very quickly by adding a layer of lip balm.

The price of the NYC lipstains is €3.99 

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