September 13, 2012

My vacation nail polish tip

When I am going on vacation I never feel like taking nailpolish with me. I am always to scared that the bottle will break in my suitcase and all my stuff will be ruined. For this problem I found a solution a couple years ago and today I want to share it with you.

So what do you need for this nail art:
  • Different colours of nail polish
  • A topcoat
  • A piece of paper 

You start by making dots/stripes on your nails with the first nail polish and continue to do this with all the colours. This is not a precise work just applying them random will give it a unique effect. After you have done this just add a topcoat to make the nail polish stay on longer
 Because you do not cover your entire nail you will not see it when your nail polish starts to chip. This is why I do not need to bring nail polish with me on vacation anymore.

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