August 6, 2012

MAC All that glitters

MAC products, almost every beauty guru hypes about them. Unfortunately the price of MAC products in the Netherlands is quite steep (transfer the dollar sing into euro and add a couple of euro). My mom picked up my first MAC eye shadow for me in America. I chose for All that glitters a shadow which would suit as a an everyday colour. 
 All that glitter is an eye shadow of the standard collection so it comes in the standard black packaging, which I really like.
 The colour is a warm light brown/bronzy color perfect for everyday.It has a little bit extra because it has so many glitters in it.

As you can see on the swatch the pigmentation is good. The second picture is a little bit blurry but this shows the glitter in the eye shadow better. I am really pleased with this MAC eye shadow and will definitely be purchasing more. 

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